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Smartfix - Smart Repair & Spraybooth Products

For the very first time, the Smartfix team have brought together their unique equipment designed & produced exclusively for the purpose of providing quality same-day alloy wheel refinishing in a controlled environment.

From our patented SMARTbooth® spraybooth & Fume Filter Systems to our unique SMARTcure™ Cabinets with state of the art energy efficient Ultra-Violet Light Technology & our Wheel Prep Workstations, each package is designed around you and your particular requirements.

The unique Smartfix process and associated training programme, are specifically designed around our own equipment and the key stages of the process: Repair, Refinish, Cure. We encourage anyone to visit us and see the equipment for yourself.

Please click on the links below to read more about our products which are also used in a number of different industries.


Repair Equipment

smartprep SMARTprep

• Heavy Duty Wheel Repair Workstation

• Integrated Tools & Dust Extraction

• Suitable for Workshop or Mobile Use




SMARTbooth SMARTbooth

• Plug and Go Spraybooth

• Patented Air Curtain

• 4 Stage Monitored Filtration



Curing Equipment


• Fully Automated UV Curing Cabinet

• Large Size Workshop Model 

• Very Low Power Consumption



Company reserves the right to alter equipment specifications, in the light of product developments, and price. Please check for up to date information.




• Alloy Wheel Rim Polisher

• Integrated Bead Breaker

• Tyre Removal Arm




SMARTsukker SMARTsukker

• Compact Professional Spray Unit

• Suitable for Workshop or Mobile Use 

• 4 Stage monitored Filtration




SMARTcure mobile

SMARTcure mobile

•Compact Ultra Violet Curing Cabinet

•Suitable for Mobile Use 

•Very Low Power Consumption