Fully Automated UV Curing Cabinet

Ultra Violet Curing

Our SMARTcure Workshop will cure most UV cured materials quickly and safely. 

The large capacity makes it suitable for a wide range of parts and components including alloy wheels.

SMARTcure UV cabinet

Large Turntable

The large aluminium turntable slowly rotates during the curing process. This ensures  that all the surfaces of the item are exposed to the UV light for curing.

The turntable has a large 900mm diameter which can accommodate a range of different size items including alloy wheels with tyres. 

Fully Automated

A single start button begins the automated cure process

The UV light will turn on, the turntable will start to rotate and the programmed timer will begin it's countdown. On completion, the light turns off, the turntable stops and the alarm will sound to indicate the cycle is complete.

The programme can be adjusted to suit the cure time indicated by the UV coatings supplier.

Energy Saving Curing

The cure process is in a matter of minutes using only a 400 watt UV light. 

Compared to conventional methods of curing such as infra red  or heat baking, the SMARTcure provides a significant reduction in both time and energy costs.


The base of the SMARTcure is a large storage cupboard with double latching doors.

Individual adjustable feet ensure stability on uneven floor surfaces.

SMARTcure storage cupboard

Mobile Version

A more compact mobile SMARTcure is also available for van installations

The top is angled to align with the curved walls of most panel vans. Space below is left clear to allow for installation of other equipment.

SMARTcure mobile in van

Mobile Alloy Wheel Refinishing

The SMARTCURE Mobile has many of the features of the larger Workshop model.

Despite it's more compact size, the 800mm diameter aluminium turntable can accommodate large alloy wheels with tyres fitted, making it unique from any other UV curing chamber for sale.   


1 Phase

240v, 13 amp

W: 1000mm / 850mm

D: 1000mm / 850mm

H: 1800mm

120kg / 85kg

6 weeks





SMARTcure Workshop

SMARTcure Mobile4,295.00SCURE -MBL
prices exclude vat & delivery

Business Opportunities

The SMARTcure is a core product in the production line process of our unique alloy wheel repair system. For more information, visit our Business Packages section to see how to create a new revenue stream for your business.

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