Our Patented free standing "Plug & Go" Spray Booth

Designed & Made in England

The SMARTBOOTH® is manufactured in the UK and specifically designed by Smartfix as a freestanding plug & go mini spray booth - ideal for alloy wheel repairs or the refinishing of any small items & components.

For most applications, the SMARTBOOTH does not require ducting to atmosphere. Independent testing demonstrated that the SMARTbooth controls hazardous substances to well below acceptable levels including isocyanates found in many 2 pack clearcoats.

SMARTbooth in workshop with alloy wheel

Simple to use

Just plug in, turn on and start spraying. When you're done, turn it off....that's as complicated as it gets. The filters are automatically monitored by a differential pressure switch, so a red light will warn you when it's time to change the filters.

When the filters do need to be replaced, simply open the two drawers, lift out the old ones and drop in the new.

Patented features

The SMARTBOOTH features a patented Air Curtain across the open face of the booth. Unlike other mobile paint booths for sale, this helps retain the paint spray in the booth while also helping to prevent contaminants from entering the spray area and spoiling the finish of your product.

Bright "daylight" LED lighting provides the ideal environment for detailed, high quality paint spray application.  

SMARTbooth air curtain

Versatile spray zone

The large spray area is over a metre wide and almost a metre deep so can accommodate a wide range of items. A hanging rail is supplied as standard and a strong perforated worktop and alloy wheel support frame are available as additional options. 

The spraying aperture measures 1150mm wide x 880mm deed x 1200mm high (at front) 1130mm high (at rear) 

SMARTbooth hanging rail, worktop and alloy wheel rack options

Filtration and exhaust

The captured fumes and paint spray are processed through 4 stages of filtration including the optional activated carbon to remove particles and odour. The exhaust discharges at the rear through a standard 200mm duct. An optional silencer is available (pictured) to reduce the noise of the exhaust. 

SMARTbooth filters and rear exhaust
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1 phase. 

240v 25A

W: 1200mm

D: 900mm

H: 2150mm


6 weeks


Rear Duct with Silencer395.00SBTH-DUCT
Activated Carbon Filter Set346.80SBTH-FIL-CRB-4
Alloy Wheel Support Frame
Perforated Worktop

prices exclude vat & delivery

Business opportunities

The SMARTbooth is a core product in the production line process of our unique alloy wheel repair system. For more information, visit our Business Packages section to see how to create a new revenue stream for your business.

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