Generating customers for your alloy wheel repair service

When looking into starting an alloy wheel repair service in your area, one of the key considerations will be how you will build your customer base. There are many potential sources of business in any area including car dealerships, rental companies, fleet operators and private car owners. Many operators will look to target a wide range of these prospects to provide a broad and diverse customer base.  The key to success here is to adopt a proactive approach with all... read more

How to start making money repairing alloy wheels

As an addition to an existing business or operated as a stand-alone business, there is good profit to be made repairing alloy wheels. The process is relatively simple and quick, there is a good margin available and there is certainly a large and growing demand for the service. In the absence of a national recognised service provider, potential customers can often struggle to find a local repairer. There are many different types of system available for anyone looking to offer an alloy... read more