How To Paint Alloy Wheels

As part of a professional same-day alloy wheel repair business, the process of painting and refurbishing alloy wheels will be a core element of the job. With the right tools, equipment and training it is a relatively simple skill to master but it is important to ensure that the relevant Health & Safety regulations and guidelines are complied with at all times.Paints and ColoursUnlike a car’s bodywork, there is rarely information provided by the manufacturers to help identify the exact... read more

How Long Does Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Take?

Alloy wheel refurbishment is a relatively quick process. If you’re offering alloy wheel repair at your workshop or car dealership, you’ll be able to advertise a single-day turnaround; your customers can drop off their car in the morning and pick it up at the end of the day with the wheels looking as good as new. As a mobile operator, you can offer the service at your customers’ home or work and complete a full set before lunch.What is the... read more

5 Areas to Increase Car Dealership Profitability

Are you a car dealership looking for ways to boost your profits and increase your bottom line? From doing your research to upselling related products, check out our five effective revenue opportunities to make your car dealership become more profitable below.1.    Do your researchThe key to a profitable car dealership lies in data. For instance, if you can gather information about the cars that sell best in your area and to your target demographic, you can narrow your focus... read more