All you need to know about Mobile Compressor Installations

A very common request when we discuss customers’ requirements for their van installations is for a "big compressor". This will usually refer to the air receiver size and requests for 100, 150 or even 200 litre tanks are not uncommon. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about compressor installations.Types of Compressor InstallationsA compressor installed into a mobile workshop will nearly always be limited to 3 horsepower and 2200 watts so it can be powered by a domestic... read more

Refurbishment vs SMART Alloy Wheel Repair

The term alloy wheel repair can cover a wide range of different services. Under the umbrella of this phrase are processes that can include the alloy being completely stripped and re-coated to just a small section of the face of the wheel being repainted. It is difficult to argue that one type of repair is better than any other. Done properly, with the right tools, equipment, and materials, all should produce a result that is a high quality, durable repair. A good... read more

How To Paint Alloy Wheels

As part of a professional same-day alloy wheel repair business, the process of painting and refurbishing alloy wheels will be a core element of the job. With the right tools, equipment and training it is a relatively simple skill to master but it is important to ensure that the relevant Health & Safety regulations and guidelines are complied with at all times.Paints and ColoursUnlike a car’s bodywork, there is rarely information provided by the manufacturers to help identify the exact... read more